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access_time December 27, 2011 at 9:25 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Best Indie Game of 2011

It’s not every day that a video game makes it from the initial stages in a start-up game development company to the lights of stardom. There is lots of toil, missing out on birthdays, and all-nighters. Little did Notch know that his hard work and effort would pay off sooner, rather than later with his crazy idea for a 3D game based on creation. Minecraft has been put to the test by millions of users and they all can see what Notch saw when he first started out making the game on his own. This indie game beats the rest, and no knockoff can take it down.

I started playing Minecraft after the Halloween update had come around. I watched a few Let’s plays of the game but I was still dubious as to the re-playability of the game. “All you do is build stuff, it’s bound to get old after awhile.” Oh how I was wrong. I have poured so  many hours into Minecraft since then. Building, slaying, crafting, the only game that rivals the hours I’ve spent on Minecraft is Skyrim.

The sky is figuratively and literally the limit in this game. You can take most anything in the real world and replicate it here in Minecraft. You can even create things that only you have only seen in your wildest imagination. It’s true, not everything you want is included in the vanilla Minecraft, but if you know how to make mods then you’ve got it made. Minecraft was made to take mods and texture packs that change the Minecraft world around you. You could live in a candy cane land or a Tron inspired universe. You can have dragons floating about or weird hobos trying to steal your money. The possibilities are simply endless with this game.

All in all, Minecraft is more than worthy of the title of Best Indie Game of 2011. It’s got soul, it’s got class, it’s got style, and it’s bad ass. Ain’t no other game like you Minecraft.



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