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access_time December 22, 2011 at 10:49 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Can You See The Hidden Aperture Science Logo?

OK so ignore the picture above and concentrate on the one below. Now back to the text. Now back to the photo below. Up, now down. Back to the photo. Behold, the Aperture Science logo hidden in the Half Life 3 logo in the photo below. You guys didn’t need to do all that crazy stuff I just said above, all you really have to do is look closely and you’ll see the Aperture Science logo nestled in the circular portion of the Half Life 3 logo.

So what could this mean? Both games have mentioned each other but neither of them have really coincided that much. The ending of Portal 2 has Chell out in the open world, maybe she will make her way to Black Mesa? Chell is someone elses problem now, or so says GLaDOS. It would be funny if Wheatley some how made an appearance. Anyways, lets leave the speculation up to the speculators and conspiracy theorists…for now.


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