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access_time December 21, 2011 at 4:42 PM in Culture by Sebastian Marco

Possible Zelda Timeline Revealed, Alternate Universes?!


Well, well, well it looks like after all these years Nintendo is finally showing the world its timeline for one of their biggest sagas. The recently released art book,  Hyrule Historia, might just be the ultimate Zeldapedia and includes 274 pages of concept art, promotional art from throughout the series, and historical info on the characters and the games they’ve  been in.

In this giant book it has been reported that a official timeline has made it into the book. It has always been rumored that a timeline had existed, but common speculation always imagined a chronological order to the series. Well, we were only half correct.

According to a rough translation of a passage inside the book detailing the Zelda time continuum, there are 3 separate alternate universes! The reason for the separate timeline “split” is due to Ocarina’s time differences and assumptions based on the different ways that the story could have ended and branched off from his two ages:  Link to the Past split is Link failing, the Majora’s Mask split is Link defeating Ganon and branching off from his boyhood and the Wind Waker split is Link defeating Ganon and branching from his older years. All is still speculation until a more accurate translation or Nintendo releases a statement on the issue. But feel free to take a look at the supposed time line for yourself below.


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