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Dungeon Hunter 3 Preview

Dungeon Hunter 3 is Gameloft’s upcoming hack and slash for the iOS. Differing from the other Dungeon Hunter games which had multiple quests, this one just has one main objective per area. Dungeon Hunter 3 also has more of an arena feel to it, you’re in an enclosed area and you hack away at enemies until you have cleared all of the waves for that level.

There are four classes in Dungeon Hunter 3:


A powerful close range fighter with high endurance. A warlord can deal and endure heavy damage while engaging multiple enemies.


A spell-caster who relies on magical energy and devastating spells. An astromancer is deadly from afar, but vulnerable at close range.


A nimble fighter who relies on speed and agility to compensate for their weak armor. A trickster excels at both close and ranged combat.


A balanced spell-caster who supports the party. A shaman boosts allies with useful buffs while crippling enemies with powerful attacks and curses.

To make this game even more different from the previous Dungeon Hunter games, Gameloft has made Dungeon Hunter 3 a “freemium” game. You can download the game for free and get all of the power ups and items eventually during game play. However, if you’re too impatient you can always spend actual money to get as many items and power ups as you want. Dungeon Hunter 3 is available on the iOS store as of today, again for free! Go and enjoy your hack and slash adventure. If you’re still not convinced though, check out Gameloft’s official trailer for the game below.


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