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Fan Made Metroid Album Celebrates 25th Anniversary

by on December 20, 2011

With Link getting a soundtrack, and Mario getting a soundtrack, where’s the love for Samus Aran?! Looks like Metroid is the red headed step child of the big N. But fret not, if there is one thing I like about Nintendo, beside releasing rehashed consoles and games, it’s their fans. Self acclaimed band and all around bad-asses The Bad Dudes aren’t letting Samus’ 25th anniversary go unnoticed. In dedication to miss Aran, they have released a compilation of music. They’ve covered all the bases with songs, there’s Kraid, there’s Ridley, plus many more. The music on the album ranges from hip hop to jazz fusion, those right there are my kind jams. If you like Metroid at all, you should definately pick this up, and if  I have failed to convince you, there’s only 1000 copies being made! So grab one while you can!

Buy the CD here!

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