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access_time December 20, 2011 at 8:00 AM in Culture by Sebastian Marco

10 Game Songs That Would Make Cool Christmas Carols

It’s that time of year again! What better way to celebrate the holidays than gaming inside next to the crackling fireplace and/or space heater. But if you’re anything like me, you might not care much for traditional holiday carols. So we here at GotGame thought we’d suggest a few video game classics for the festive yuletide season. These might need a couple of listens to catch the similarities (Jesus himself knows how many times I’ve heard them) but I think you’ll agree they’re the perfect match for X-Mas. So without further ado, here are your 10 game songs that would make cool Christmas carols.

10. Tetris theme C/O Come O Come Emmanuel

Kicking off the list is the lesser known theme of Tetris themes brings a certain cheer with its baroque like canons. Imagine what people would’ve done back then if they saw giant blocks falling from the sky.

9. Cool Cool Mountain theme/Winter Wonderland

A favorite from Super Mario 64, where Mario reminds us of Sleigh bells and open carriages as he slides down the slopes of Cool Cool Mountain.

8.Freezeezy Peak/Frosty the snowman

This upbeat tune from Banjo and Kazooie that accompanied us while exploring the snow cover tundras, reminds us of the yule tide with evil snowmen throwing what seem like never ending barrages of snowballs. While they were never named in game, I will always remember those abominations of snowmen call frosty.

7. Angry Birds Theme/Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

I know what you’re thinking, what do birds have to do with Rudolph? Well, they both fly right? Not good enough? Fine, as I listen to this well-orchestrated piece (by the London Philharmonic no less) I can easily see our little reindeer friend being hazed by the other reindeer with flying birds, teasing and taunting him, even the pigs get to make fun of old big nose.

6. Zelda’s Lullaby/ Christmas Time Is Here

Both these sad sounding songs bring up deep emotions of saving Hyrule and Christmas time, where both were under the control of evil forces. Sure Ganon might seem like a real bad guy, but I’ve never seen such deception in a child before. Always picking on the kid going bald, SHAME on you Lucy Van Pelt, blue dressed devil.

5. Kid Icarus Theme / Joy to the world

While Pit isn’t exactly an angel he still plays the part, right? Or I mean, he’s looks like an angel, with his bow and winged tipped shoes. Vanquishing evil in search of the three sacred treasures to bring in the New Year, what a pal.

4. Kratos vs Zeus Battle Song /Carol of the Bells

While Zeus does look a bit like Santa Claus, he’s defiantly not bringing you any presents. So let’s be thankful for goodness sake that Kratos is bringing the smack down to the old man. Without him, we would probably all end up getting Pandora’s Box for presents. Which is way worse than coal.

3.  Battlefield 2 Theme/ The little Drummer Boy

Imagine what would’ve happened to the drummer boy if he ran into B-company. Haggard would rig his drum to explode and toss it at the nearest APC while the little boy watched helplessly as his favorite instrument got blown to smithereens.

2. Cara Mia Addio / Ave Maria

Both of these latin worded songs put us at ease even though we have no idea what they’re saying. But I do know the Ave Maria is pretty much the hail mary of holiday carols, and Mia Addio is a song about Portal 2’s protagonist, Caroline.

1. One Winged Angel/ The Nutcracker Suite

Last and finally, imagine if the Mouse King had one against The Nutcracker and his gingerbread forces, throw in some Trans-Siberian guitar riffs and you have yourself a very dark and twisted version of a classical Christmas story.


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