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access_time December 19, 2011 at 10:52 AM in News by John Speerbrecker

SWTOR: Enduring Queues of Galactic Proportions

Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to be released in mere hours. What might be concerning to some of you is that they are already experiencing a massive pile up in terms of people getting online to play the newest Sithulator.

EA had recently started allowing players early access to this newest MMO, but as of now, players are having to endure waits on average of 50 minutes before they get to play with their force.

These types of waits are common early in many MMO games and for that matter, all online games in general. What happens is that there is initially such a huge influx of people at the start that it just happens to overwhelm the servers. What the company does from there is try to balance out the amount of players trying to get on with the bandwidth that they have. At time progresses, they will adjust accordingly so that in a few weeks when the waters have settled, It will be much more easy to just hop on and play for a few hours instead of watching a movie while you wait to play for a few hours.

From EA’s perspective in terms of keeping their customers happy, they want to provide a enduring experience while not making people wait too long to play the game. But on the consumers side, it is more understandable that if you are paying a monthly fee in addition to the retail cost of the disc, you might become a little annoyed very quickly at not being able to use something that you purchased immediately.

Overall, the impressions of Star Wars: The Old Republic have been quite good. So everyone jump in line so that we can all have light saber fights!


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