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access_time December 18, 2011 at 11:16 AM in Features by Andrew Kent

March Release For Kingdom Hearts 3D In Japan

Well, it seems like there is a lot of news floating about that concerns Kingdom Hearts 3D. Apparently there is a March release set for the game in Japan. This comes from the website Myona.com which also claims that a Tron Legacy world will be in the game. The release date I’m not so sure about since I haven’t seen any other website talking about a Japan release date, but the Tron Legacy world bit does seem plausible.

KingdomHearts3.net also talks about the Tron legacy world, but then mentions a trailer for KH 3D that was shown at Jump Festa. Unfortunately Youtube does not have said trailer, so we are stuck with details about the trailer. Pete and Maleficent make a debut in the trailer, as well as Vanitas, Axel (as Lea), Terra/Xehanort, Roxas, and Xion. You may have also heard that Joshua and Beat would be in the game, well apparently Shiki and Rhyme also make an appearance in this Jump Festa trailer as well. Of course, Kairi and Namine make an appearance in the trailer so we can probably expect to see one, or maybe both.

You can check out a translated script of the trailer here.

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