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access_time December 18, 2011 at 10:48 PM in Culture by Pierre Bienaimé

Left 4 Dead Fan Film Makes Ya Think…


A few Sundays ago I had the unfortunate experience of thinking that another episode of The Walking Dead was ready for ceremonious consumption. One moment I was making a dash to the couch, giggling on the inside. The next I felt like a kid with cone in hand and ice cream on the sidewalk. I looked up to my babysitter only to be informed that the sweets-bearing, horizon-bound truck will be back in February.

If you’re like me, or otherwise miss AMC’s mastercraft of human tension and inhuman danger, the below might slake your zombie-(killing)-lust.

The fealty that Impulse 76 pays to its source material is delicious: the cast, their attire, every little object littering the safe house. It’s enough to make you think that, extrapolated into an hour-long feature, the thing could stand as a worthwhile flick, albeit of “just shut up and watch,” splatter-tastic appeal. The game-to-movie  adaptation often gets flak for being plain old lackluster regardless to its relation to the interactive entertainment, but here the fun fuels itself with recognizable tropes and objects. Until the dissonant appearance of the all-stars, of course. Were those cameos really necessary?

Either way, well done Impulse 76! Let me be an extra next time around – I’ve got my zombie shuffle down pat.



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