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access_time December 16, 2011 at 9:47 AM in Features by Andrew Kent

Reality Fighters Preview

Reality Fighters, oh Reality Fighters. This was a cute game in my opinion. With this quirky fighting game you can customize your character’s face to look similar to that of your own, dress him or her up to your liking, and fight on any surface. So here’s how it works. You take a snap shot of yourself, or have someone else take the picture of you, and your face gets turned into a 3D version and plastered onto your fighter. You can then customize the outfit, weight, and muscle tone of your fighter. Your fighter can be a fat ballerina or even a muscle man with a silly hat. In addition there are different fighting styles you can chose for your character and even weapons. I chose the ballerina fighting style and no weapon.

After the fighter creation is done you can, obviously, start fighting. I was lucky enough to have another journalist who wanted to try out the game so we did a one on one type battle. Now, this isn’t your typical fighting game. With Reality Fighters you can battle on any surface. My opponent and myself were fighting on top of the table that we were seated at. Also the screen doesn’t move for you, you have to move the Vita around and follow the action. Unfortunately the ensuing battle ended in my defeat. I was never good at fighter games.


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