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Battlefield 3 Dino Mode Teased Again

by on December 16, 2011

Either the internet is really onto something, or the developers behind Battlefield 3 are totally trolling everyone right now. Either way, it’s kind of fun. There has been a longstanding rumor that there is a hidden “Dino mode” in Battlefield 3. Well, the folks at DICE haven’t been trying to quell the rumors, that’s for sure. In fact, now they’re just stoking the fire.

In a stack of papers within a map in the game, there is a sheet that has a read out of a mission. What does the document say?

Retrieve all dinosaurs

We lost 5 or 6 dinosaurs on the island, it is of the utmost importance that we retrieve all samples and return them safely to HQ!

Additional Details:
The General promised cake!

Well played, DICE. Well played. We’ll keep an eye to the sky for pterodactyls.

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