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access_time December 14, 2011 at 1:28 PM in Culture by Tim St. Croix

Top 10 Worst Video Game Sidekicks

There are without a doubt a lot of horrible sidekicks in video games but on this list we are going to narrow down the worst offenders. Whether they are annoying or just plain useless they will make the list. Starting of course at number 10.

Number 10:

Tails (Sonic Series)

Tails is not a bad character as far as things go. He is just completely and utterly useless. Tails is first introduced in Sonic 2 and after that becomes a bit player. He can never catch up with Sonic and when another player is using him in the game he tends to get lost way behind. Perhaps the least worst offender on this list.

Number 9:

Elika (Prince of Persia, 2008)

Some of you may suddenly be thinking “what is Elika doing here?!?!” The answer is simple she removes a lot of skill from the game and turns what used to be a challenge (albeit a frustrating one at times) into something anyone can pick up and play. Now I am not one of those elite who plays every game on hard mode or else it isn’ta challenge, far from it, however the fact is it’s a crutch pure and simple.

Number 8:

Otis (Dead Rising)

Lets be honest Otis is…terrible, just terrible. He would always call right when a horde of zombies would be swarming you and then be irate when you didn’t pick up his call and all his calls were always along the lines of “Hey I noticed you were in the mall center, you should pick up some new threads!” Just terrible.

Number 7:

Ashley (Resident Evil 4)

She’s on here for the simple reason that everybody loves an escort mission. Especially one that takes several hours and many frustrating resets cause she can’t defend herself worth a damn.

Number 6:

Slippy Toad (Star Fox Series)

Two words come to mind when you see Slippy Toad: Cannon fodder. That was pretty much his whole schtick. He would get blasted to hell scream for help and rarely, if ever, fired a single return shot. Plus his voice was just annoying as hell.

Number 5:

Kazooie (Banjo and Kazooie series)

Kazooie is bird who is inexplicably trapped in the backpack of a bear in the middle of the woods. As you can see from the charming video above he plays (surprise, surprise) the kazoo. He wouldn’t be so bad a character if it weren’t for his voice which is nothing but a series of terrible squawks and yowls, much like a cat in heat.

Number 4:

Roman Bellic (GTA: IV)

No Roman I do not want to go to a strip club with you, I am in the middle of a shootout with the police. No Roman I do not want to pick you up at 10 am to go to a bar. No Roman I do not want to go bowling at 3 am. Just give it up Roman.

Number 3:

Waluigi (Mario Party & Mario Sports Series)

If you could arrest someone for looking like a child abductor Waluigi would be first on your list. Besides being an obvious foil for Luigi much like Wario is for Mario, he pretty much has no purpose whatsoever. He has shown up in only a handful of games and be glad for that. He is perhaps the worst addition to the Mario lexicon that ever was, is and shall be.

Number 2:

Navi (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Hey Listen!, Hey Listen!, Hey Listen!, NO YOU LISTEN AND SHUT THE HELL UP! If there was a single more annoying character of the previous generation I don’t know what it is. Navi while always without a doubt helpful made you want to strangle the lil thing when she would yell “Hey Listen!” every 3 to 5 seconds regardless of what you were doing.

Number 1:

Dog (Duck Hunt)

Simply titled Dog this sidekick would fetch your kills and when you had no kills would laugh at you and point. He is for a lot of gamers the first character you hated, hated with a passion and as a result is in his own way much loved. You never forget your first hate.


  • Andrew Sauer November 25, 2015 at 9:37 PM

    For #10, SOMEone understands me i’m gonna cry!!!!!!!!!!

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