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access_time December 14, 2011 at 8:50 AM in Features by Andrew Kent

Super Stardust Similar To Asteroids


Similar in which there are asteroids. However, that’s practically where the similarities end. Yet Super Stardust is almost as simple as playing the asteroids game. Let me explain. So you’re controlling this ship with your left analog stick. Roaming around a planet and shenanigoats are coming from every which direction. Well how do you take care of those shenanigoats? With your friggin laser beam on your friggin ship. But this isn’t your average “just a one shot at a time” type of laser. This laser shoots a continuous beam of energy in the direction you are pointing your right analog stick. You can rotate the right analog stick in a circle and the beam will act similar to how it’s acting in the picture above.

Stardust is so addictive, but for the hardcore gamer it might not be what you’re looking for. I enjoyed playing it however and would have probably sat there playing it all night if there were not other games that I needed to get to. Besides, the senior editor would get totes upset if I just played one game. Anyways, there was another feature to the game that didn’t seem really necessary. Like other Vita games, you have augmented reality in which you can move the Vita around to look around. The space for looking around was very small and didn’t seem to help you in identifying shenanigoats. Overall though, Super Stardust is very fun to play and I would recommend it to casual gamers or gamers who love some mindless asteroid and alien shooting.



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