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access_time December 14, 2011 at 11:46 AM in Features by Sebastian Marco

Preview | Touch My Katamari

Everyone’s favorite King and Prince are back in action. What more can a King ask for than a great Prince that cleans up his mess every time he blows up everything?  Being revered by the great people of Earth isn’t too bad either, right?

Well, at least it seemed that way until the King of the Cosmos heard some people question why he’s so special, and when he hears a child describe him as “about as great as your school principal,” he kind of gets a bit bent out of shape. How bent out shape? Oh you know, just destroying a cosmos here and there. So it’s up to the Prince to take to his Katamari of wonder once again and roll up some new ones.

One of the great things about having Touch My Katamari on the Vita, are the controls. In addition to having another analog stick (thank god) you can use the touch screen or the analog sticks to move the prince around . Another inclusion of the touch screen is that players can use it to stretch and morph the katamari to get into tight spaces and collect more candy. Candy will help you unlock items in the game, such as new music tracks, new game modes, as well cheer up the King with some items. For players with a sweet tooth, once a day they can complete the kings bonus mission and get more candy. Compete with your friends on the leader-board and see who has the most candy. Near will allow players to challenge strangers and compete against each others top score.

I can already here the “Naaaa Naaaaa’s” in my head. Touch my  Katamari will be available when the Vita Launches February 22nd of 2012.


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