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access_time December 14, 2011 at 12:13 PM in Culture by Sebastian Marco

Last Of Us Music Leaked, Naughty Dog Comments

Recently Naughty Dog addressed a couple of issues with The Last of Us.  Arne Meyer, Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at ND commented on the “leaked” main music theme for the game that was posted online, here’s what he had to say:

Unfortunately that’s not the final version of the theme (nor was it actually really released by any of us).

Viacom recently took down the trailers for  The Last of Us, filing  Youtube copyright claims , Meyer added the following statement:

As I understand it, there was a backend error that tagged this (and at least one other VGA premiere video) as ones to be taken down and has even affected GTTV’s own YouTube channel. It’s being worked on, but as often times seen with things google/YT related, it’s just not something that can move super, super fast.

The thing that seems to be causing the problem apparently is since The Last of Us was premiered at the VGA’s this past week ( Spike TV is a subsidiary of MTV which is owned by Viacom), Viacom is pulling the trailers saying that they are exclusively theirs. Which a bunch of hooey, lets hope this gets solved as quick as possible.


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