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No More Xbox 360 Netflix Parties

by on December 8, 2011

As it goes, any time a company changes anything, people will complain. The changing of the Xbox 360 Dashboard is no exception to the rule. But it does come with some valid complaints. For one, the ability to have a voice chat party while watching Netflix is gone. That’s right, you can no longer sit and watch TV shows with all your friends in the comfort of your own houses; you’ll actually have to go to someone’s house to do it now.

Really, though, this is kind of a pain. I for one loved the Netflix party feature. In fact, Netflix loved the party feature from what we can tell–It did really change the way people watched media on their Xbox. But now, in the update that is all about watching media on the Xbox, the feature is gone. No, it totally makes sense. Keep doing whatever it is you do, Microsoft. It’s working great.

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