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access_time December 7, 2011 at 10:03 AM in Xbox by AJ Dellinger

Update Your Xbox 360 Dashboard, Lose Power to Sue

Looks like Microsoft is taking pages from Sony and Electronic Arts’ playbook. Specifically from the section of “Instead of insuring the safety of our customers, let’s instead cover our own asses so if something goes wrong they just can’t blame us.” It’s a long but aptly titled section.

If you updated your Xbox 360’s Dashboard, you also agreed to a new terms of service that states you cannot no longer sue Microsoft. If you do want to take up issue with them, you now have to do so privately and through arbitration. Basically, you won’t want to because you’ll lose. So good on ya, Microsoft; Way to distract users with a shiny new dashboard while taking a chainsaw to their rights.


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