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access_time December 5, 2011 at 5:00 PM in News by John Speerbrecker

Darkness II Achievements Reveal New Play Modes

When we first seen the Darkness 2 at GDC 2011, it was a pretty nasty depiction of quad wielding violence and that is a good thing. More recently, the achievement list has been revealed and with it we find out new modes of game play for the fans of this story driven shooter.

Something that we all might enjoy is that there will be a New Game+ mode for those of us that just have to complete everything in the story. I myself thoroughly enjoy going back through games with all of my maxed out weapons and stats.

It is also revealed that there might be minigames of some sort within the story. you will be able to get 20 points (Carnie Kid) for winning 1000 points of each of the carnival games. Hmm, must be a level that takes place in a carnival, lets just hope that there is plenty of deep fried food vendors there to boil our enemies in.

Vendettas campaign which can be completed with four characters complete with gamerscore points for maxing out their “talents” in that variation. Could it be a co-op mode? Signs might point to a “yes” best guess is that it could be a Resident Evil Mercenaries type of game mode.

The last Achievement that was revealed was “You made the hit list.” You will obtain this achievement when you complete the six exclusive “Hit List” missions. When they say “exclusive” it makes me wonder if these missions are part of a downloadable code similar to the way that the Catwoman side quest of Batman: Arkham City was done in where only those that had purchased the store version of the game (not used) in order to get that “exclusive” content.

We will find out all the answers to these puzzles early next year when the game comes out in February 2012.


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