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PS3 Exclusive “Last Of Us” being teased before VGA

by on December 4, 2011

The VGA awards come to us in about a week and already we are receiving rumors about upcoming games that will be featured in this somewhat religious ceremony. One of the games that is being teased to us is titled Last of Us. This game is going to supposedly be a post apocalyptic 28 Days Later zombie game.

To tell the truth, not much has been revealed other than two teaser videos that are beginning to set the stage for the overall feel of the game. The other video also features something that to the naked eye looks nothing more than a snippet from the discovery channel. In fact, what you are watching is the insect being slowly poisoned by the plant that he is crawling on.

Smells like a zombie game to me. We’ll find out for sure when the VGA awards air next weekend.

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