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access_time December 3, 2011 at 11:59 AM in News by Pierre Bienaimé

3 New BioShock Infinite Screenshots

One of 2012’s most anticipated games has shown a little bit more skin through the release of three new screenshots, each a closer look at the E3 2011 trailer.


"It's cool, it's cool! He's my little brother."

The first shows a member of the Vox Populi feeding a knuckle sandwich to a well-to-do member of the Founder faction. As Booker DeWitt, you’ll often be an uninvolved witness to wanton street violence.

bioshock_infinite-2The second depicts the same momentarily peaceful scene as the E3 Demo Video, scouring the husk of a once bustling and pro-Comstock shop.

Here Booker finds the “Bucking Bronco” vigor as well as the pistol before the appearance of Songbird. Definitely early game stuff.

bioshock_infinite-3The third is perhaps the most interesting: the willfully sensationalized execution of a postman. It seems that yet another Founder is on the receiving end of Vox Populi’s justice.

Elizabeth seems to fit into the scene without attracting the attention of her entourage, until DeWitt’s intervention. Just how much power of choice does Ken Levine’s next game allow for?


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