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access_time December 2, 2011 at 8:55 AM in News by John Speerbrecker

Xenoblade to be released in North America. In April. (Update)

*Update* It is official Gamestop is NOW taking preorders on this game for release in 2012. Get there and preorder it, the development deserves props for this great piece of work.  Feel free to check out the trailer below!

According to credible rumors circulating the web this morning, Xenoblade for the Wii is FINALLY going to be crossing the pond and is being prepped to be sold here in the united states.  According to a post on Neogaf which lists upcoming releases from Gamestop, Xenoblade could be coming to the United States as early as April of 2012.  If you would like to add more credibility to this rumor, Nintendo has also posted photos of the game on their official Facebook page.

So is this rumor true? Nintendo had originally stated that there was no way in hell that it could ever be released in the states. Well, maybe they figured it out that they might actually make a bit of money on this so they decided to partner with Gamestop to help with some of the risk involved with publishing  and releasing the game stateside.  This could be a very smart move because it will keep the title niche and it will also keep  the overhead of releasing the game very low because one thing Gamestop does very well is market upcoming games.

Just what is Xenoblade you ask? It is currently one of the highest rated JRPGs that was released for the Wii. Some would argue that is could be the best roleplaying game that was ever released on that system. Nintendo chose not to release it in America because they feltt that the cost would be too great for a release with a smaller target market. Lets see, I wonder if the sales figures for that little game Skyrim gave them a little more confidence in making this happen?

Is this true? I am going to lean more toward yes. I was skeptical when it was just the Gamestop new release list, but when I finally saw them post the pictures on Facebook, I’m all in.


  • killatia December 2, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    You should update the post as it is OFFICIALY CONFORMED!!!!!

    Thank you Nintendo for finally releasing Xenoblade to the USA!!!!! Now get to work on the Last Story!

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