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No Fixed Prices For PS Vita Games

by on December 1, 2011

This is either great or possibly horrible. Sony Has announced that there will be no fixed prices for Vita games.  SCEE CEO Jim Ryan was quoted saying,  “I think it would be safe to assume we will take a more tailored approach than perhaps we’ve done in the past.” Ryan goes onto say “It’s our challenge to ensure that the gaming experience that we provide is closer to that TV console experience than it is to your 69p thing that you’ve downloaded on your iPhone. If we do that and we provide great value to the consumer on games like Uncharted, I think the possibility to sustain historic console type price points is there.”

While this could mean the difference between paying the same price for Uncharted 3 and My little Pony Adventure, I can’t help but think this might raise game prices. I could be wrong, and god dammit do I hope I’m wrong. What do you guys think?


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