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access_time December 1, 2011 at 12:29 PM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Are You A Slave To Farmville?

So apparently there’s some video going around and people don’t like it. What else is new? In all seriousness though, the video is a joke about how people who play Farmville are slaves to their addiction. Some people aren’t takin’ too kindly to this video cuz of it’s similarities to actual slavery back in the day, especially the rotund Colonel Sanders in charge of Zynga. My response: This is 2011 people, can’t we just move on? This isn’t one of those situations where some dead celebrity died the other day and people are making jokes that are just way too soon. The Civil War ended in 1865 people, it’s been more than 100 years.

Anyways, I personally had a chuckle at the video because my uncle’s godson’s wife is a Farmville addict. There is literally a dent in the couch where she sits all day playing Farmville and futzing about on Facebook all day. So take a look at the video and afterwards leave a comment below giving your opinion. Did the video cross a line or do people need to just move on and stop whining about it?




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