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access_time November 30, 2011 at 9:14 AM in News by John Speerbrecker

New Glitch-Fixing 360 Skyrim Patch Causing More Problems

According to the official Skyrim forums, the new patch that was released today (1.2) happens to be causing some problems not planned for. Originally, the patch was set up to fix problems associated with having the game on the HDD, but now users are experiencing more problems associated with the update.

Those of you with the PS3 version of the game might have had the chance to update the game the other day and you may or may not have experienced a few (ahem) different play mechanics while exploring. I for example noticed that my super “Hadoken” fireball is a generally hit or miss when it comes to chucking it at my enemies.

In other reports, player companions that generally should have resistance to elements are now being susceptible to damage from their own elements. In other related news, players now have found out a way to boost some of your spells without having to put yourself in danger. Simply conjure an Atronach, Kill, then repeat. This is a nice way to boost your skills without having to do anything too crazy.

On a more serious note, other players in some cases are not getting the souls from the dragons that they kill, which is extremely frustrating. Since it is one of the few ways that you can build your Dragonborn skills.

Bethesda has not commented yet on this subject but they are saying that on their balance systems in the game, all of the resistances are working correctly. The patch was originally set up to help with adding textures and technical aspects of Skyrim. No news on what will be coming next in terms of patches.



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