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Boy Gets Punched While Shopping For Batman Game

by on November 30, 2011

Is there no justice in this world?! A thirteen year old child who was out on Black Friday with his father. His goal: to pick up a copy of the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham City. Instead, he received a punch in the face from an adult. If there was a Batman, he would have stopped the man’s fist with a baterang and then hung him by his feet from the ceiling for the cops to find him. Then he would have given the boy a sucker.

Unfortunately, Batman didn’t come to the rescue, so this kid just got a fist to the face and nothing more. The man who did the punching warned those around him that if anyone got in his way, he would push, shove, or whatever it took to get to what he wanted. Apparently this kid put his face a little too close to this guy’s path. The man ran away after delivering the blow.

Sadly, one more douchebag continues runs amuck in our world. Batman, we need you.


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