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Love Games? Then Buy a Vita Says Sony!

by on November 29, 2011

There are a lot of different groups of gamers out there, and Sony just called everyone of them out by essentially saying If you don’t buy a Vita, then you don’t love games.

But who would make such a statement? Sony’s executive Michael Denny was quoted at the Develop in Liverpool conference this week saying,

“Our mission, our vision, is that we now have a portable gaming system that is going to be massively appealing to gamers – initially core gamers, but then a wider sense of gamers going forward.”

“We have to concentrate on our plans and make sure we supply the right games, the right experience, the right software, and the right social connectivity for the platform. I believe if you care about games you’re going to want a Vita.”

So Sony is cashing on the hardcore gamers huh? While I think this idea is okay at best, I’m not so sure gamers will feel the same way. But then again that crisp OLED screen is just so damn beautiful! Is Sony’s challenge a bit insulting? let us know in the comments below!


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