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access_time November 29, 2011 at 12:40 PM in Culture by unlimitedlives

Final Fantasy VII Limited Edition Music Box Fit For Miami Metro’s Finest.


Until today, I did not know that they actually sold a music box that played Aerith’s Theme from Final Fantasy VII.  A limited edition musical box that only 100 out of 1000 of those were made since the game’s release which I think is pretty lame because I think I would totally buy one right now. But apparently Digicube, the company that was producing these boxes went bankrupt thus stopping any further production of the music boxes and according to this video’s description, a theory suggested that after the production stopped, only the ones that were fully developed were sent out to be sold.

I’m actually quite sad by this because if the company was still around making music boxes for all of Squaresoft (yea, I said it.) titles, I would pay a lot of money to get one that played Chrono Trigger’s  “To good friends”.  Anyways, watch the video and let our favorite blood splatter analyst, Dexter Morgan show you how to put your victims to sleep  enjoy a classic tune.

[jwplayer mediaid=”25450″]

Since embed is disabled……you can follow this link to watch the video.



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