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Assassin’s Creed in Final Fantasy XIII-2

by on November 29, 2011

OH HAI EZIO YOU COME TO FF XIII-2 OFTEN?…oh wait that’s supposed to be Noel. If you guessed that Noel will be staring in some Assassin’s Creed spinoff you would be making such a cute guess…BUT IT’S WRONG! Assassin’s Creed is actually coming to Final Fantasy XIII-2…well Ezio’s costume from Revelations will be anyways.

To gain this costume all you have to do is download it! However we don’t know when it will be available so you’ll just have to wait and find out. The actual game comes out here in the States on January 31st. I’ll be reserving my copy on gamefly cuz 60 dollars for a game just isn’t worth it these days. Except if you’re Skyrim.

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