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access_time November 28, 2011 at 5:00 PM in Culture by John Speerbrecker

Apparently, 2.25B is not enough for the birds (Rumor)

In an report from the New York Times, Rovio, makers of the world famous game Angry Birds, said “no thank you” to a 2.25B (thats Billion) dollar takeover bid from super mega corporation Zynga. Could this be to the stories that we are hearing about the working environment at their HQ?

With everything the way that it is, Zynga is a massively successful corporation with many top games that have done very well on outlets such as Facebook. However, when you happen to be so huge and so successful, you tend to have to be a bit business savvy when it comes to maintaining your workforce that got you there in the first place. In the case for Zynga, they might have to be a little black and white when it comes to retaining good employees and cutting those that are not performing. Unfortunately, that is what happens in many large corporations when people are not meeting the standards, they get let go.  This kind of hard line management although works well on paper, is not something that you would expect to see in a lot of new start ups today.

I hate to use this analogy about a sport, but in Surfing, You start out by getting your balance on a board. when you get up you have to ride the wave, then you have to try to ride the wave all the way in to the shore. Then you have perfected that, you have to start to learn tricks and try to compete in tournaments to see how you will fare against your competitors. During that time, you might try a new wax, a new board, new suit, etc. If any one of those items does not help you in the next tournament, you will most likely drop them. As we see with companies today, even though that everyone that is with them now might not be as good as the newest thing, they will most likely get fired or asked to step down if they are not contributing to that next trophy or profit margin that was set forth from last year.

Zynga, is not the cute puppy that it was a few years ago. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. It has become something more that has been becoming more loyal to its owners or “fans” as we see it. The notion of them acquiring a smaller company such as Rovio, could make them a gigantic powerhouse in terms of mobile development and who knows, we might even see a PS3 or 360 game from them in the future.



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