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access_time November 25, 2011 at 4:08 PM in Culture by Sebastian Marco

Gaming Potential: Augmented Contact Lenses

This seems like something  the folks at Aperture whipped up. The Bioengineers from the University of Washington have created a prototype contact lens powered by a remote radiofrequency transmitter that incorporates augmented-reality technology.

Tested on hares, NewScientist reveals that the lens could be used in the medical field to monitor conditions such as diabetes or administer drugs, but could also be used for entertainment and social networking purposes, such as watching videos, checking emails or playing videogames. A “higher resolution lens display could one day be used as satnav enhancers showing you directional arrows for example,” predicts the website.

The prototype is in its early stages, but Babak Praviz of the University of Washington confirms that, “antennas, radio chips, control circuitry, and micrometre-scale light sources can be integrated into a contact lens and operated on live eyes.”

While this is all promising tech the British Contact Lens Association says the techs far from being consumer ready, damn. If we weren’t already jacked into our lives now, imagine how this will change everything. Looks like Deus Ex and Syndicate aren’t too far fetched after all, and maybe the PS9 really will have augmented game play.








  • sgbt September 10, 2012 at 7:53 PM

    seems brutal!

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