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access_time November 24, 2011 at 8:43 AM in News by John Speerbrecker

PS3 Users to Get Battlefield 1943 Free

Earlier this month, there was a class action lawsuit against EA regarding a little fib that they told us. Originally, EA stated that with pre ordering Battlefield 3, players would also get a free copy of the online game Battlefield 1943. Needless to say, EA chose to go back on their word and then decided to not include it, waiting until Battlefield 3 released to let everyone know, on twitter for that matter.This did not sit well with their customers and so a lawsuit was filed. One could compare this to a simple false advertising tactic which is illegal.

Well, now that the lawsuit was filed and players were angered, EA has come to terms with their unsavory business decision and agreed to allow the PS3 users of Battlefield 3 their free copy of Battlefield 1943. I guess if you raise your voice, people do listen. Too bad we had to snitch on them to get the results.

For those of you that are entitled to this pre-ordered bonus, you can sign up on the EA voucher site. One thing to note about getting your free game, you will need to activate the online pass in order to get it.

It will be available in North America on December 10th, Europe on November 26th, and on December 17th in Asia.

Battlefield 1943 Voucher Redemption


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