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access_time November 24, 2011 at 10:14 AM in Culture by AJ Dellinger

Parents Warned Not to Gift Online Games, Systems

It’s been awhile since a news reporter created a sensationalistic story to frighten parents and falsely blame video games for something. Thankfully Addict of Fiction has found one local newspaper that has us covered. They’re warning parents not to get their kids any games or systems that have online capabilities because of internet prowlers.

According to the newspaper article, the Deputy Sargent of the police force stated, “Most parents are aware that sex offenders go on the internet, often posing as children, to make contact with youngsters. There is just not the same degree of awareness about games. Someone intent on grooming a child can make contact by playing a game and then move on to an internet chat area.” Oh, you mean there are weird people on the internet? Good call, copper.

Here’s the thing: The internet is full of freaks and weirdos. It’s also full of awesome people and friends. Not getting your kid a game because he might run into a pedophile is like not letting him go to school because one of his teachers might be a child molester. If you want to prevent these types of things, have a relationship with your kid that allows you to talk with them and take your own steps to censor if need be. In conclusion, don’t be a crappy parent and you won’t have to worry.



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