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Notch Apologizes to Yogscast, But Claims He Wasn’t Lying

by on November 24, 2011

Recently, Notch tweeted an apology to the Yogscast on his twitter. He also said that all of this controversy is “likely just [a] stress related misunderstanding”. Many twitter users keep calling Notch a “liar” because of this apology however the Mojang Dev claims that his previous tweets slamming the Yogscast were not lies. Notch gave this possible scenario in one of his tweets:

I assume neither party is intentionally lying. I’m not, at least.

So it would seem that both parties are telling the truth and that this is a big misunderstanding. Both parties may have done things that the other didn’t really approve of. What do you guys think? Post a comment below telling us what you’re opinion on the situation is.

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