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Apple Allows Subscriptions for Big Fish Games

by on November 23, 2011

You know who I was just thinking doesn’t have enough money yet? Apple. I mean, I read a story the other day that they were running out of caviar to use as a pre-appetizer appetizer in their solid-gold offices. Hopefully they can get a cut of the new subscription fee that Big Fish Games will be implementing.

In what will be the first use of subscriptions for games on the iOS platform, Big Fish Games will charge $4.99 a month for access to their products. This number will raise to $6.99 as more are made available. There will still be a free version that will limit your play to 30 minutes a day and will have ads. You’ll have to go back to Angry Birds for the rest of your meeting once the trial runs out. And my fears are put to rest knowing Apple will get 30% of the cut.

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