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access_time November 22, 2011 at 9:02 AM in News by John Speerbrecker

Xbox 360 Dash Update Coming Dec 6th

On December 6th your Xbox 360 dashboard is going to get a new look. Not only are we talking about graphical style and lay out, but they are also adding some nice features to make you never want to turn off your system.

For example, they are adding cloud storage for game saves and your Live profile so next time you get RRoD, you will not have to worry about losing your information. They are also enhancing the family settings, so hopefully that will make the system react to everyone’s voice when giving commands. For all of you that love to brag about every achievement that you acquire, you will now be able to do so through Facebook integration.

To make the interface more interactive, they are finally going to add the voice and gesture control for the menus and in applications. So now you can say, “Bing, find me a doughnut.” Hopefully, it will point you out to the nearest doughnut shop.

While this update is pretty nice, it barely scratches the surface of what content is coming to the 360. During this holiday season, also expect to see applications coming from Youtube, UFC, and ESPN to name a few. With so many entertainment options that will be available, there is a seeping feeling that dependency on those cable boxes might not be as necessary.


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