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access_time November 22, 2011 at 2:28 PM in Features by Andrew Kent

Famitsu Reports Final Fantasy XIII-2 Complete + Other Details

Something something Final Fantasy…Something Something…Complete. Fin

Just kidding dear readers! As the title says, Famitsu claims that the devs have completed Final Fantasy XIII-2. That is the japanese version is complete anyways, they still have to do the changes and stuff for the American and European versions as well as the DLC.

One such DLC, the first to be exact, will give you the chance to fight Omega. Yes, the ever recurring boss Omega. Apparently there will be a majority of DLC like this where you are able to fight boss battles in some arena separate from the game. What do you gain from this? When you win the battle the boss turns into crystal and you gain him/her/it as a monster ally. Oh yes Square Enix, I’m so prepared to pay five dollars (or more) just for a boss fight. WOOOOO. Let the money wasting begin!

Oh and don’t forget about the other DLC. You get costume changes for Noel and Serah and stuff that changes time itself, in the game that is. None of this really affects the main story or achievements so don’t worry about it if you were already worrying about it for some reason. Just keep an eye on your dwindling cash reserves as the DLC’s are released every two weeks through Spring of 2012.


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