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access_time November 21, 2011 at 2:47 PM in Features by Andrew Kent

New Worlds Unveiled For Kingdom Hearts 3DS

Kingdom Hearts readers are you READY!? For a trickle of news about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance game that is.

The latest issue of Shounen Jump and V Jump have revealed two new locations never before seen in any Kingdom Hearts games. One you probably already know from previous screen shots, The Hunchback of Notre Dame world which will be called “La Cite des Cloches”. Which I’m assuming is not “The quote of the bells” like google translate says, and actually means “The City of the Bells”. In the Notre Dame world Sora will encounter Frollo (hopefully with little to no police investigations). Apparently everyone there is concerned with the appearance of “demons”, no doubt the colorful heartless that have been seen in previous screen shots.

The other world coming to the game is the Pinnochio world, or Prankster’s Paradise as it’s called. We all know Geppetto and Pinnochio from the first Kingdom Hearts games, and Jiminy Cricket has been with us through our adventures with Sora. Now Sora will finally be able to set foot in Jiminy’s home. The world is a fairy tale filled with circus tents and more.

Now, it seems as if Jiminy will not be accompanying Sora on his adventure this time. When talking about the Prankster’s Paradise World, Nintendo universe said and I quote:

Along the way you’ll come across both Pinocchio, whose nose will grow when he lies, and Jiminy Cricket

If you’re coming across Jiminy in this new world in KH: 3DS then I’d wager you might either have a new companion recording your travels or Jiminy jumps ship during the game.



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