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TubeHero lets you play with your iTunes

by on November 18, 2011

Today, JamRT released their iOS version of their facebook game TubeHero. In this game you will be able to listen to your music in a more interactive setting.

It works like this: if you have music on your itunes, you can play this fun little downloadable. This rhythm game can use all of your music that is in your iTunes library and you will be able to tap along with it in a setting not too far off from the graphical styling of Tron.

Utilizing iTunes makes the soundbank for this iOS title insane. With millions of songs to choose and download from the itunes store, players will get the chance to finally prove to their friends just who is the biggest Beatles fan, or Hanson for that matter. When you have completed a song, you can simply upload your score to your Facebook to encourage other players to attempt to top it.

The game  has been pretty fun so far, lets just hope that an Android version that works with mp3 is in the works.

TubeHero is available now.

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