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Zynga Robbed!!!! Fingers pointed. Temp arrested.

by on November 17, 2011

Tuesday, the rule of Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems was proven true again. Zynga who is the leader in games development for Facebook games such as Mafia Wars, Farmville, and the upcoming Castleville found itself about $100,000 short the other day when one of their temp employees decided to try his hand at embezzlement.

Keith Brown, 21 of San Ramon was arrested at the company headquarters in San Francisco on Tuesday. He is being accused of stealing a laptop, desktop computers and software valued at $100,000. That is some pricey software. This cavalcade of theft began on October 31st and continued through the date of his arrest.

Brown, who remains in custody, is scheduled to be arraigned in court on four felony counts of commercial burglary, one of grand theft, one of receiving stolen property, and one of embezzlement.

Zynga whose current value is speculated in the billions is also prepping for its IPO. If only Mr. Brown stayed on to get some shares of their stock, this might have had a completely different outcome.





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