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Skyward Sword Offers Tougher “Hero Mode”

by on November 17, 2011

Good news for Zelda fiends. The Wind Waker gave us Link in pajamas for players going through the game a second time. The upcoming Skyward Sword gives us the more dignified “Hero Mode” (which you can still play in real-life pajamas).

It’s going to make things tougher for you in a few ways: hearts and heart flowers are made nonexistent, so stop choppin’ up my front lawn, man! Ain’t nothin’ there! If you need to patch up, you’ll have to resort to potions.

And you may have to drink up, as all enemies dole out double damage. Ouch!

Though Hero Mode is sure to keep you on your toes, your inventory of materials from play-through 1 will carry over, giving you a fighting chance without the hassle of starting the game as a chump!

If you want the challenge of doubly dangerous foes without punishing your bladder with freshman-like potion chugging, Beedle has you covered. The Heart Medal will allow for health-scavenging as per normal.

Be sure to check the source for more details, such as the Boss Rush mode! And good luck!


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