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Europe is getting some nice Vita pre-order bonuses

by on November 17, 2011

In a precise effort to make us in the U.S. jealous. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced their pre-order bonus packages for the Vita. Before we all get up in arms about this, Sony of America has not officially confirmed or denied any pre-order bonuses for us as of yet, so there is still hope.

Those of you lucky enough to get a Vita on order will be pleased to know that they will be in for a little treat. In some countries they will be able to get a nice wallet that will hold up to 3 games, 3 memory cards, and of course the usual wallet contents like money and credit cards.  The design is sleek for a wallet but after having it packed with all that stuff, it might just end up being a little bulky for your back pocket. An apology goes out to England being that the wallet will not be available there.

All European countries will get the option of picking up a nice set of Sony branded headphones which should look pretty sweet plugged into your shiny Vita when it gets released on February 22nd.

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