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access_time November 15, 2011 at 3:00 PM in Culture by Pierre Bienaimé

South Korea to Limit Nocturnal Gaming

You know how sometimes you have to be responsible for someone else? I don’t mean supervising them. I mean taking the crack pipe away. The South Korean government is doing something of the sort with its resident under-16 year olds. A “Shutdown Law,” in effect starting November 18th, will bar the young demographic from online play between the hours of 12:00 and 6:00 AM. But as with the illegalization of any of life’s pleasures, it’s not so simple.

For starters, the decision may have been made by South Korean legislators, but the impetus is all on the industry’s giants. Sony of Korea plans on limiting access to its PSN thanks to already-gathered information on the age of its users, while Microsoft of Korea didn’t have the same foresight. As such, considerations are in the air for shutting down Xbox Live for all age groups. Finally, Nintendo of Korea have kept mum on the subject for now. What will become of 3:00 AM We Love Golf! ?

And what do you think of the whole debacle? Is it ethical to make laws in the domestic space where the parental edict often reigns? Will it be effective? Will you be taking advantage of these hours to not get quite-so-pwned in StarCraft II?




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