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Review | Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Earlier this year one of the  most requested sequels was Marvel vs Capcom 3. When Capcom finally released “God’s Fighting Game” it was marvelous and people cheered across the lands.  Yet it was only natural people were disappointed over something. Try as they might to fix things, certain event’s changed their plan, causing them to release another version ala  “God’s Fighting Game Part 2.” This version, called Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, includes several new fighters, plus many requested fixes. Not even a year later and Capcom releases a new game, but does this mean the game is that much different than 3? Lets find out!

For Fans of the series skip ahead. But for new comers Ultimate: Marvel vs Capcom is a new version or iteration of this year’s Marvel vs Capcom 3. In MvC you choose from a roster of charters from both the Marvel comics and Capcom universes and assemble a 3 man tag team and fight.


Okay, all caught up now?

Earlier certain characters were announced, many gamers were unsure how they would work out.Phoenix Wright, and Frank West don’t really lend themselves to traditional fighting gameplay. Well, Capcom beat the crap out of the naysayers and created several unique elements for these characters. Needless to say Frank and Phoenix were whipped into shape.

Frank’s leveling system adds depth to the character. Before you even start, there are three basic play styles for him. You can either stay at level 1, where he is still a great fighter. Sneak in as many pictures as possible to level or you can double the rate with liquor. Naturally, like Dead Rising, you might randomly throw up. This is the price you pay for the double experience. If you dare to level Frank; he actually upgrades into an amazingly fun character. Most of his weapons slowly evolve from low tier stuff, to paddle-saws and other crazy things. This not only boosts damage, but range. Regardless of how you play as him, he works all around and is a ton of fun to play with.

In addition to Pheonix Wright being your everyday lawyer beaten to a pulp by Capcom, you have to understand how to play as him first. His default is Investigation mode, where you look for clues. This mode virtually has no point, but finding evidence. This is achieved by pushing Atk + S at the same time. Each item will have one of two different colors. Yellow is a useful item and the dark yellow is a reference (Weskers shades, Servbot, Virgils mask, etc) to another fighter.

When you collect three items or just want to do damage, you can shift into Trial mode. Here you gain several more attacks. They include throwing papers, breaking the witness and other staples of the character. You can present the evidence to do an additional attack, plus a few other neat things. Perhaps the most enjoyable, is the addition of the ‘Take That!’ word bubble attack. This changes if you have three items, instead you’re given an ‘Objection’ and connecting a hit will lead into the next mode.
His final mode is Turnabout, where Phoenix finally becomes a “fighter”. This mode is similar to trial mode, but you gain a golden glow plus you do more hits. With a moderately skilled user, you shouldn’t have an issue turning the fight around. There are other fun elements to this mode too. Things like the dramatic point have increased range and most importantly you have the Ace Attorney hyper attack. This is one of the hardest combo’s I’ve seen in a MvC game to date. But as with charters you should be shouting “Objection!” in no time with a bit of practice. Now that we have them out of the way lets jump to the rest of the new characters.


Rocket Racoon’s name has a double meaning, not only does he fire rockets he is incredibly fast. At his disposal RR has an assortment of traps and weapons to use, from plasma shots to Gatling guns. His traps are both quick and deadly and are easy to add to your combo’s.

Nova plays alot like if Iron Man and Captain Falcon made a crazy clone of themselves. He’s fast and agile, has a few projectiles and can deal out some brutal combos. Iron fist enters the fray as his combos are as quick as they are deadly, even with no projectiles he more than makes up for it with his mystical fists of fury.

Hawkeye has an quiver full of combos that involve his arrows. For his super he shoots  Ant-Man on one of his arrows where Ant-Man then grows bigger and bigger as he proceeds to beat up the enemy.Ghost Rider utilizes his flaming chains and has incredible reach players that are use to Omega Red will feel right at home.  While an apple a day keeps the doctor away, you might want to eat that apple. Doctor Strange has a bag full of spells at his disposal and is very fast and dangerous.

For the Capcom team Vergil, Dante’s twin brother, is a bit faster than Dante with a longer sword reach,  even without pistols he has some good reach with blasts from his katana.Strider Hiyru is back and players will feel right at home with his combos and specials. Nemesis makes a nice addition to his fellow titans and does alot of damage with his heavy hits from his tentacles and giant bazooka. And last but not least is Firebrand from the Ghosts and Goblins series. He has well balanced combos as well as projectiles.

So with a new game, you have to have some new thing in there to make it new right? Well Capcom said the same thing so in addition to the new characters they have also changed the balance of the game so you’re not shouting at your TV too much. First things first, spectator mode will be back in it’s rightful place. While missing from the initial launch of MvC3, it has been put back. Now you can have millions up to six players watch your triumphs or defeats.  On the the juicy stuff


X-Factor is now usable in the air, which means aerial hyper combos are now X-Factor-able, you can instantly recover after breaking an Aerial Exchange, you can cancel aerial blockstun, survive chip damage on an incoming character at low health, etc.

X-Factor boosts are now standardized; all characters receive the same boost when activating X-Factor. Characters which did not receive a speed boost in MvC3, such as Hulk and Amaterasu, will now receive one. However, characters such extreme power boosts, such as Sentinel, are now toned down. X-Factor still scales based on the number of remaining characters on your team, but it appears as though X-Factor one boosts are either very minimal or non-existent now.

In MvC3, an upward TAC provided a damage boost, a sideways TAC provided half a bar of meter, and a downward TAC provided a full bar of meter. In UMvC3, upward TACs appear to be unchanged, sideways TACs now drain a bar of meter from your opponent, and downward TACs provide meter.

New to TACs now is a color-identification system. When a TAC takes place, the character being hit will briefly flash one of three colors: red (up), green (side), or blue (down). The flashed color is an indication of which direction the TAC was made, making TAC counters based more on reaction time than luck. Several players have also reported that TAC counter time is longer than in MvC3 in accompaniment with this change.

Whether hitstun scaling is negated post-TAC until your incoming character touches the ground is unknown, but several post-TAC combos which work in MvC3 were seen dropping on-screen, such as Sentinel’s Rocket Punch series. This may have been due to execution errors or changes in attack frames, however.

In UMVC3, overall meter gain has been reduced. Overall the same moves/attacks in MVC3 now give 75-80% meter and on hit you receive around 50% meter gained from the damage that is inflicted. Essentially on damage inflicted, the player receives around 75-80% of meter off of 1 bar (when 1 million damage is inflicted non-scaled) and on damage received, the player receives around 50% of meter off of 1 bar.


One of the many fighting game staples, is the unstoppable godly boss. Most games will either block them out or offer you a more balanced version. Galactus mode however, let’s you take control of the big guy in full form. There isn’t much you can do with him, though all of his moves (including the one hit kill) work. You’re not looking at a long mode with a lot of replayablity, but it’s fun for a few goes. To activate this mode players must highlight arcade mode and hold the left bumper and press back and A, and players too can be the eater of Galaxies.

Overall with the addition of the new charters to choose from,modes, new levels, and balanced fighting mechanics make this a great expansion for the series. I’m not only saying this because Capcom is letting me write with my fingers for now, but i give Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom a 4 “don’t break my fingers” out of 5. KO!

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5


  • shadowdragon November 15, 2011 at 8:32 PM

    i steel don’t know what to think about this game, most people say that is a waste of money but it looks so freaking AMAZING but i guess that i will rent it

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