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access_time November 10, 2011 at 12:54 PM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Skyrim Giants fling you to the Edge of Space

So in the land of Skyrim there are giants. These giants don’t like you touching their mammoths, also attacking the giants is a bad idea. One hit kills are never fun. However, in these two videos there is a little bit of whimsy thrown in with your death. Apparently, there is a glitch where Giants fling you in the air after they have one hit killed you. As you can see from the second video this glitch can be duplicated, however Kotaku’s Mike Fahey was unable to make the glitch occur in the XBOX 360 version. I’m guessing this might be a PS3 glitch, or one of those glitches that only happens on certain discs. Either way, take a look at corpses being flung in the air. -smug face-





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