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access_time November 8, 2011 at 11:30 AM in Features by John Speerbrecker

Ubisoft unveils the Drawsome Tablet. Smurfing ensues.

Today Ubisoft, who is one of the largest developers of games for the family, announced the newest addition to the collection of interactive accessories for the Nintendo Wii. The Drawsome Tablet.

Not to be confused with the uDraw from THQ, This drawing tablet sets itself apart by coming with a 6.5×5 inch screen so you will have more room to draw things and not cause yourself to overlap your strokes as much. One other major point of difference is that the stylus is entirely remote. This will give you much more freedom when you undertake your Dali-esque sketches.

For the games that will be coming with it and be released with it. One of the titles is the Drawsome Artist. You should expect to find your basic paintbrush type of application where you can color, draw, and something unique to the Drawsome Tablet, trace. For those of us that hate having to be somewhat creative, it will be great to know that we can just copy someone else work and color it in a way that we like. It also comes with designs of the Smurfs for you to draw and color. Even if you might be a horrible artist, there is also a tutorial to help you along the way so that you can learn to draw Papa Smurf  freehand.

They did have something that sparked my interest and that is the inclusion of another game called Drawsome Sketch Quest. As it appears in the trailer, it would seem to be a multiplayer platformer hopefully in the vain of Super Mario Brothers Wii with a touch of Max and the Magic Marker. You and up to three of your friends will be able to get your animals to the level goal and you will be able to help them along the way using the tablet by drawing bridges and other useful tools to get to the end.

The Drawsome Tablet will be available on December 6th and it will include BOTH games Drawsome Artist and Drawsome Skecth Quest.



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