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access_time November 7, 2011 at 9:20 AM in News by John Speerbrecker

Wait for it……Wait….to play Modern Warfare 3

Not to use such an off-color analogy but, you know when you go to a dogfight and its getting close to unleashing the beasts on each other, right? Some of you might be feeling that way about not being able to play Modern Warfare 3 until midnight tonight.

However, there happens to be some people out there who have gotten their copies of one of the years biggest games early. Glen Schofield of Sledgehammer Games has been responding to those dogs that just couldn’t wait to get at each other online. “It’s not okay. Just wait until Tuesday. I hate the idea that people got it early. It really pisses me off.”

We can understand his frustration to a point. Some would say that by playing it early, it unbalances the game for those of us who might actually wait until its official release date. Others are calling for a stat reset which Schofield says is something that is ,”out of his hands”. He is encouraging players to take it as a challenge for them to catch up to those others that might not be good enough to hack it with the rest of us.

Even if they were able to reset the stats, It would not do much to help out the players who legitimately got it  on time. I know for a fact that people are taking off work days to play this game to get to a certain rank. While I will be playing it at my leisure not caring about my rank too much because there is always someone who is at prestige sooner than most of us.

Even though people were able to pick up the game early from careless retailers, should they be punished? Ultimately they could use their best judgement on the right thing to do, but come on. It’s Modern Warfare 3.


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