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access_time November 6, 2011 at 3:06 PM in Culture by John Speerbrecker

THQ’s second annual Pictionary Tournament…for the kids.

Journalists and many personalities were on hand for the second annual Pictionary tournament sponsored by THQ. Teams from Gotgame.com, Destructoid, Electric Playground and more were on hand to compete for 1,000 dollars to go to their favorite charity.

The uDraw Pictionary: Ultimate Edition, which utilizes the new uDraw tablet for the Xbox 360 was the weapon of choice for those of us who were able to compete and ready to win. The game has the basic same rules as the traditional board game but since it is on a console, there are quite a few twists on the original. In certain modes the screen might rotate to confuse your etchings or just randomly change the colors of the lines that you will be drawing. Of course you will be able to edit your Pictionary Man for your team to give him the character that you want him to show. The game also has a general picture editor so you will be able to create drawings like the one below.

It was a bracket style tournament where the teams from different sites were pitted against each other to see just who is the best at reading someone’s mind based on their scribbles. For those like myself that really have a hard time trying to understand what people are thinking, I still managed to have fun attempting to draw the clues. One thing to take note is that the timer seems to speed up when you are in control of the tablet. In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to try to recreate soldier field and the Chicago Bears swarming Tom Brady from the Patriots to describe the word tackle.

The drawing tablet is a sleek black color with the dpad on the left and the buttons on the right. If only the surface was a video screen, we might just have the trappings of the new Wii U tablet.

After the first round, the teams that lost were given the opportunity to choose the clues for the final match. With clues like “invisible” and “uDraw” (yes the clue was a little obvious). This made for quite an interesting time. Just don’t ask me what Destructoid had drawn to get Saints Row the Third correct. (Hint…it’s big and purple.)

After the dust had settled, the winners that emerged were one of the teams from Destructoid (gg guys). They were gracious winners and donated the winnings to Child’s Play which is a organization that helps kids with illness enjoy their time with video games while they are stuck in the hospital.

As for the uDraw Tablet and Pictionary, they will both be released on the 15th of November. The tablet that includes uDraw Studio will go for 69.99 and the game of uDraw Pictionary: Ultimate Edition will run for 39.99.


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