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access_time November 3, 2011 at 9:23 AM in Press Releases by John Speerbrecker

Dark Souls will be updating the world you die in.

For all of you that have been running around the world of Dark Souls, (or running around other people’s worlds for that matter) many of you will be happy to know that all of your torrid elitism is paying off in the form of a new update that will be coming out today in Japan and soon here in the U.S.

If you don’t know what Dark Souls is yet. Here is the nutshell description: the five D’s of Dark Souls are Dive, Dodge, Die, Die, and Die. You will do these tasks in order to take out the insane bosses that exist in the world all while to become human again. At least, that is my interpretation.

The update states that it will be tweaking a lot of the drop rates from bosses and enemies. But even better than that, players will be able to purchase new items from vendors in the game. So now, you will not have to travel far to pick up those arrows that only one guy is carrying.

They are also updating the multiplayer to make it easier for those of us who like to invade other players by only taking the red orbs if your character manages to kill the host world player. If you are on the nice side and like to help people, the bosses that you help defeat will be dropping more souls for you.

The developers also spoke about tweaking the spells and items in the game. Now, what they didn’t say if this would be a good or a bad thing. Generally, when developers tweak things on the user side, it comes off as nerfing, so lets hope that this is not the case.

To date, Dark Souls has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and what can I say…it kills.



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