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access_time October 31, 2011 at 11:20 AM in Sony by Ramon Aranda

Will Future Mass Effect Games Have Multiplayer?

With the addition of a multiplayer component for Mass Effect 3, can players expect more multiplayer goodness in future titles?

Apparently, it’s not looking good.

Bioware Edmonton GM Aaryn Flynn told JustPushStart that he’s “not too sure about that.”

“There’s a lot more happening than just Commander Shepard going off to fight the Reapers – everyone else is fighting the Reapers too and all their minions. So the idea is: what’s going on there, what can we explore with that, what kind of gameplay can we have there? And multiplayer’s just one way we’re looking into that. It’s optional because we want people to play single player if their focus is just single player, but it’s another way you can get some cool things happening in single player besides just playing lots of single player.”

Obviously it remains to be seen where the series goes after the third installment but at the end of the day, it’s the gamers who can voice their opinions about multiplayer in the future.




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