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access_time October 31, 2011 at 9:19 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Burning Embers: Halloween Spooktacular Blog

I put a spell on you! And now, you’ll stay and read the rest of this! WUAHAHAHAHAHA……O.K. I don’t have any sort of powers dear readers, especially not through the Internet. So let’s get down to business. Oh it’s been quite some time since the NES came out and we saw titles like Castlevania, Ghostbusters, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. However, where are those horror filled games today?

I was playing Clock Tower for the SNES last week and I was just terrified. Despite the lack of graphics, this game gave you a sense of helplessness and terror. It was done so perfectly. I had to quit after escaping from the crazy lady with the shotgun (after dying three or so times before I figured out you had to wack her on the head with the 2×4) mainly because I couldn’t find my way but also because I did not want to run into that scissor dude again. Usually I become most terrified when things jump out at me but the effect kind of wears off after awhile. Take for example when I played Bioshock 2. Things jumped out at you all the time and it got boring. I became less and less afraid as the game went on and I’m sure the same can be said for the Resident Evil games and the other zombie games these days. Has anyone else noticed that the majority of horror games these days consist of zombies? What’s next? Is some chick flick writer going to make a zombie version of Twilight? Geeze.

Why couldn’t there be a game adaptation for Hocus Pocus? I was watching the movie last night and absolutely enjoyed myself, especially when Bette Midler sang “I put a spell on you”. I would enjoy a game like that. You’re basically powerless against the three Sanderson sisters so you would have to be creative and think carefully how to proceed and finally defeat them. There aren’t a lot of games that do that these days. It’s all about shooting, shooting, casting spells, shooting, and more shooting! There are a few titles that do get your brains churning like the Zelda series and Batman Arkham Asylum and City, however they are overshadowed by titles like Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, and Modern Warfare 3. None of which requires much thought at all. You see, we need more games like Batman Arkham City and Skyward Sword to get our brains going again. We gamers have become a gelatinous blob of sheep who just go with whatever the gaming companies throw at us. Yes, we give some games bad reviews and criticize others but it’s only ever about trivial things like graphics, and graphics, and gameplay which is, again, basically a lot of shooting things dead. But I’m off tangent, sort of.

So all in all I want to see more bone chilling and thrilling horror games that keep me interested, terrified, and on my toes at all times. I want more substance to games, more thought provoking challenges, more challenging brain teasers. Maybe you should hire the Riddler game companies, I hear he’s good with brain teasing challenges.

Every Monday Ember crawls from his cave to come and deliver his opinion to you the readers. His grumpy Monday attitude fuels the fire that burns onto the screen to form the weekly article: Burning Embers.


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